Vacation Rental VS Hotel


Are you planning your next vacation, but don’t know whether to book a hotel or a vacation rental? Here are some tips for you to make your decision!


budget vacation rental

In many ways, opting for a vacation rental will lower your vacation budget.
– Meals
Booking a room in a hotel will force you to eat outside, in restaurants. Whereas if you have your own apartment, you will -in almost every all cases- have a kitchen where you will be able to cook and save money.
– Daily rate
The vacation rentals will always offer you a special rate for longer stays. The daily rate is lower than a room in a hotel and if you have a numerous family, you will be able to be all together in the same apartment. Making unforgettable memories will then be easier!


vacation rental space

A spacious room in a hotel is certainly nice and relaxing. You will have access to the common areas such as the restaurants, the pool, the lobby and sometimes rooftop.

Did you know that you could have the same in a vacation home? Imagine having your own space, feeling at home AND enjoying some of the amenities of a hotel. In BW Miami for example, all our apartments are fully equipped with a kitchen, a washer and a dryer (except for the studio). You also have access to the common areas of the resort, such as the lobby, pool, fitness center and Bistrot.




cleaning vacation rental

In a hotel, the cleaning service will give you new towels every day and also clean the room if you let them do it. This is perfect for people who stay for a couple of days and who want to completely relax during their vacation without worrying about the cleaning issue.

In a vacation rental, towels will be given to your at the beginning of your stay and you would have to clean the apartment on your own (or pay for a cleaning service). This is perfect for families that are traveling for a long stay. Thanks to the washer/dryer, you will be able to clean your clothes and towels every day if you need so.

Cleaning the apartment on your own is also a good thing if you want privacy. You won’t need to hide your personal belongings and you won’t get interrupted!


Staff Vacation Rentals vs Hotel

The way how staff treats you in a hotel and in a vacation rental is very different. In a hotel for example, guests are numerous and changing very frequently. Therefore, the staff do not know much about the history of the reservation and haven’t much time to know well the guests.

On the contrary, a vacation rental has a 24h/7 customer service and will always be at your disposal for any request. They will not always be on site, so problems might be fixed a little bit slower than in a hotel.



vacation rental family

If you are looking for a nice and quiet atmosphere, then a vacation apartment is the place to be. People who book a vacation apartment or home, are mostly families who want to spend time with their loved-ones in a nice, quiet and well located place.

The reservations in vacation rentals can only be made by people 25 years and older, to avoid parties and excessive noise, for example. You will enjoy the privacy and the tranquility of a house or a condo.


Did this help you make your decision? We would love to know your experience!